Who am I?

I’m that mom of two gradeschoolers who published the first food blog in the Philippines. Not globally; just in the Philippines.

That was early in 2003. Pre-Wordpress. Bloggers used Movable Type or Expression Engine back then.

But even before the food blog, I already had a political blog, and the two ran side by side. Curious that it took a few years for readers to figure out that the two blogs were written by the same person.

That political blog led to an invitation to write a bi-weekly op /ed column in a broadsheet. A few years later, I was writing a food column for the Sunday edition too.

But that’s ancient history.

I quit the broadsheet but continued to blog.

So, most of the stuff here right now were just migrated from old blogs. All non-food. Just keep them archived, I thought, while I focused on the profitable niche. Food. In a rebranded (yes, for the nth time) blog that had been trimmed off of all the non-essentials. That project has kept be busy for two decades. Imagine that.

But, the truth is, I need to think and write about more than food. So, I have this. It’s a blog and a newsletter. I’d like to say “no food” but, okay, it’s “mostly no food”.

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